Pictorial: FWCC with a twist

Step by step instructions for a Front Wrap Cross Carry with a twistShown with a newbornWrap: POP by Artipoppe Roses Red & EcruI’m using a size 6 (4.7m) woven wrap( * Hoover or touch to show the captions * )

Babywearing and Elimination Communication

Babywearing and Elimination Communication Elimination communication is about observing the signals of your baby, which is possible right from birth. You can use a diaper as a backup. It’s not about early potty training, you’re helping your baby eliminate to … Read More

Pregnancy and babywearing

Babywearing during Pregnancy   Because I get a lot of questions concerning this topic, I hope to answer most of them with this blog. If you still have any questions you can always contact me or a (local) babywearing consultant. … Read More

Summer babywearing tips

If you are reading this hoping to find the magical solution to keep cool in summer when wearing your baby, I’m sorry, I haven’t found one yet. You will get sweaty and warm, but you would have been sweaty and … Read More

Where to start?

Where to start? You’re probably here because you’re thinking about wearing your baby, or maybe you’re already wearing your baby but want to see what else is out there…… Great! With so many brands and different products around it might … Read More

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