Pictorial: Kangaroo carry

Step by step instructions for a Kangaroo carry Shown with a newborn Wrap: POP by Artipoppe Tiger black & gold size 3 ( * Hoover or touch to show the captions * )

Buying your first woven wrap

You’re thinking about buying your first woven wrap, but don’t know where to start?  I hope this blog will help you out (at least a little bit) How do you decide what clothes you buy for yourself or your child? … Read More

Where to start?

Where to start? You’re probably here because you’re thinking about wearing your baby, or maybe you’re already wearing your baby but want to see what else is out there…… Great! With so many brands and different products around it might … Read More

Babywearing basics: stretchy / jersey wraps

About stretchy wraps: I will start with some basics about stretchy wraps vs. woven wraps. The fabric from a stretchy wrap is totally different than a woven wrap, it feels more like a t-shirt and the stretch feels very strange … Read More

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