Hipcarries with a size 6 / Base size

An overview of hip carries you can do with your base size (size 6 – 4.7m in my case)       Robins Hip Carry Robin’s hip carry Pretied pocket with a flipped back Wrap: babymonkey size 6   Robin’s … Read More

Babywearing and Elimination Communication

Babywearing and Elimination Communication Elimination communication is about observing the signals of your baby, which is possible right from birth. You can use a diaper as a backup. It’s not about early potty training, you’re helping your baby eliminate to … Read More

Pregnancy and babywearing

Babywearing during Pregnancy   Because I get a lot of questions concerning this topic, I hope to answer most of them with this blog. If you still have any questions you can always contact me or a (local) babywearing consultant. … Read More

Summer babywearing tips

If you are reading this hoping to find the magical solution to keep cool in summer when wearing your baby, I’m sorry, I haven’t found one yet. You will get sweaty and warm, but you would have been sweaty and … Read More

Babywearing brands

Babywearing brands You can sort the table, put a keyword in at the bottom or use the search option. * Last update: March 15 – 2017 Something missing? Broken link? Wrong information?  Please help me out by filling out this form! … Read More

Winter babywearing tips

I love babywearing in winter, enjoying the nature, maybe even some snow, with a sleeping child in my wrap or carrier. Here are some tips on ‘how to survive the cold’!   Picking the right wrap/carrier: An airy, thin wrap … Read More

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