28. Fundraiser & raffle !

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After posting my fundraiser on Facebook, I received some comments suggesting I should do a raffle…. I’ve been thinking about it & tried to come up with something!

This is how it will work: 
1. Donate a minimum amount of 5 euros (donations you’ve already done in the last few months, starting from the 1. January 2016 will be eligible)
2. Fill out the entry form: http://goo.gl/forms/s8x3O71VK4CSa3Np2

For every 5 euro’s donated you’ll get one entry, once the raffle finishes and the payments & entries are checked the winners will be picked with (the third party service of) random.org.

You can donate by sending the desired amount directly (if you use the ‘friends’ setting please don’t add any text in the comments) to payments(atwrapyouinlovedotcom)
You could also use the donate button on my website or donate through the fundraiser (they do charge fees so the other options would be better).

The entry form will be open until the 17th July, 23:59 CEST, (my little boy’s first birthday) & I will try to announce the winner(s) on the 22nd of July.
The payment has to be received before the 17th July 23:59.
I won’t send any reminders, I will just remove entries where I can’t link the payments.
Please make sure to fill out the correct email address to make my search a bit less complicated.

What happens with the donations? 

I want to attend several babywearing courses, worldwide.
First one will be the foundations course of the Center of Babywearing Studies, in New York.
Flight, stay and course, all those things will be paid with these funds. There are other babywearing courses on my wishlist. Depending on the amount raised I will pick which others I will go to.
I will try to keep everyone updated on my whereabouts. I will share which courses I’m attending, my experiences there and things I’m learning.
I will also share information on possible meet-ups if I’m visiting a city for a course.
With the further education I’m hoping to improve my tutorials, write more blogs and give back to those who made it possible.
There are so many differences between different babywearing schools and babywearing practices in different countries.
I’m fascinated by this & would love to find a way to combine all the knowledge to improve my teaching.

I can’t donate right now, are there other ways to help?
Yes, you could share my fundraiser and/or this blogpost, to reach others who could donate.

I’m interested in donating a carrier/wrap/other product for the raffle, what should I do?
Please send me an email or use the contact form.

I will add prices to this blogpost to give you an overview, I’m planning to add more over the next few weeks.

This Isara baby carrier has been made for this occasion. It’s one of a kind, the embroidery is amazing!
You can read more about this traditional collection on their blog.
I have one from their collection too & love it!
It’s adjustable to assure a great fit for your growing child, the handmade embroidery just shows all the love that went in to this product and it’s very comfortable!

Isara-carrier Isara-carrier2

A Minomana babywearing jacket!
The winner can choose a size, depending of what they have available.
A softshell babywearing coat to keep you & your baby warm & dry, suitable for both back & frontcarries.



more to come…. !

Prices will be shipped worldwide, custom costs may occur and are the winner’s sole responsibility
By filling out the form you agree with me posting your (Facebook) name public on my page in case you win.
You don’t need to have a Facebook account to win.

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