Winter babywearing tips

I love babywearing in winter, enjoying the nature, maybe even some snow, with a sleeping child in my wrap or carrier. Here are some tips on ‘how to survive the cold’!   Picking the right wrap/carrier: An airy, thin wrap … Read More

Side Swept Hairstyles

List made by Lisanne (thank you!!)   Favourite youtube channels for inspiration:  Kayley Melissa Cute Girls Hairstyles    Other suggestions:   Hair4myprincess Lilith Moon Bebexo C’erine Babyy Cinthia Thruong Hairstyles Luxy Hair    Quick hairstyles (mostly braided)   – 5 … Read More


Tips from others:  Jess: For a ring sling, best tips were 1. Start with the sling tighter than you think you need it. The less adjusting you need to do the easier it is to get right. 2. Put the … Read More

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