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Jersey / Elastic wrap with a one week old pre-tied PWCC with shoulderflips This way the fabric isn’t covering the airways and the wrap is snugger at the neck, creating better support for a newborn. Wrap = Manduca Sling  

Babywearing and Elimination Communication

Babywearing and Elimination Communication Elimination communication is about observing the signals of your baby, which is possible right from birth. You can use a diaper as a backup. It’s not about early potty training, you’re helping your baby eliminate to … Read More

Wearing a newborn

I’ve been trying to avoid this blog post for a while….. Not because I don’t want to share my experience, but mainly because there are many different views on this topic and I can only share mine. Babywearing schools are … Read More

Pregnancy and babywearing

Babywearing during Pregnancy   Because I get a lot of questions concerning this topic, I hope to answer most of them with this blog. If you still have any questions you can always contact me or a (local) babywearing consultant. … Read More

Summer babywearing tips

If you are reading this hoping to find the magical solution to keep cool in summer when wearing your baby, I’m sorry, I haven’t found one yet. You will get sweaty and warm, but you would have been sweaty and … Read More

Buying your first woven wrap

You’re thinking about buying your first woven wrap, but don’t know where to start?  I hope this blog will help you out (at least a little bit) How do you decide what clothes you buy for yourself or your child? … Read More

Where to start?

Where to start? You’re probably here because you’re thinking about wearing your baby, or maybe you’re already wearing your baby but want to see what else is out there…… Great! With so many brands and different products around it might … Read More

Babywearing brands

Babywearing brands You can sort the table, put a keyword in at the bottom or use the search option. * Last update: March 15 – 2017 Something missing? Broken link? Wrong information?  Please help me out by filling out this form! … Read More

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